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Rebranding community libraries

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Digital and community libraries

Let's fall in love with libraries again

We were tasked with rebranding community libraries to reflect the changing and evolving community library service. We were keen to keep the traditional values of the community library but felt a modern brand reflecting the new delivery models for libraries was necessary to convince people that libraries were still cornerstones of local communities and could offer something for everyone. 

Hertfordshire Libraries Illustration Social Change UK

The vision for libraries

We wanted to present Hertfordshire libraries as a cultural beacon within the local community, encouraging a love of literature, music, poetry, drama and art. Before we started our assignment we asked people to describe their local library and the picture many people painted was dusty, old and quiet. It seems that over time we have fallen out of love with libraries and we have allowed ourselves to become consumers rather than borrowers, choosing to buy books, films and music rather than borrow them. Stories of late fines and smelly books were not uncommon as we delved deeper into libraries perceptions. On a more positive note, the values of what a library is and what it does still stand strong and many people feel protective towards they local library. 

We wanted to present libraries in Hertfordshire as a sanctuary, a warm cosy place to escape, to forget your problems and just lose yourself in a book. Our job was to inspire people of all ages to try the library by promoting core features and benefits that many local people were not aware of, such as free book and magazine downloads, online subscriptions, author tours and parent and child reading groups. We felt it was important to present the library as a destination of choice - a core concept that has been lost over the last decade or so as many opted for other places to lose themselves. 

It was important to present libraries as a place online too. We wanted people to understand through the brand and advertising that they didn't have to step foot in a library building. The library was available in the palm of their hands - on their phone, kindle or tablet. 

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Hertfordshire Libraries Social Change UK Posters

Multi-channel campaign

We created artwork for use outdoor, online and social media

Artwork was created for several different channels including online and social. We also created artwork for use outdoor. The campaign online aims to bring as many people as possible through to the website where they can download the libraries app, find out more about the library service in Hertfordshire and stay up to date with the different events happening within library buildings.