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A campaign to support people with mental health problems back into work

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HeadsUp Campaign

The HeadsUp campaign was designed to provide support, advice and mentoring for people with common mental health problems to help them get back into work after long-term unemployment.

Enable East asked us to design a campaign to help people with common mental health problems get back into work. We conducted research to find out what barriers people face when suffering with mental health problems and what design and messaging would make them want to get on board with a project like HeadsUp to support them in their journey back to work.


What did we do?

We designed the materials for a campaign using insight from focus groups with our target audience. We identified the issues that they faced, such as not being supported and understood by professionals and used this to create a campaign that felt safe and supportive. We used messaging that they can identify with and simple illustrations that are colourful and easy to understand.

HeadsUp is largely a print campaign, supported by digital. We worked with Enable East to bring people through to the HeadsUp programme and supporting website using print materials such as posters and leaflets to provide information and support to users.

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