Heads Up in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire

We are helping men to stay happy in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire

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The brief

We have rolled out our successful HeadsUp campaign for men in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire.

Following the success of HeadsUp in Buckinghamshire, a mental health campaign targeting men, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire wanted to roll out the campaign in their local area and we have helped them to achieve this by designing a bespoke website and localised campaign.

'HeadsUp' was designed for men aged 30-59. It is a campaign that aims to reduce suicide and help men stay happy. Tragically, 12 men every day take their life in the UK and research and data tells us that many men do not seek advice or support from professionals - or even friends and family - when they are feeling low, leading many to develop serious mental health issues or worse - end their life.

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A digital campaign supported by targeted print advertising to drive people online

This campaign targets men most at risk or vulnerable and reaches out to them to let them know that help is available - both professional help and self help. We have conducted research with men aged 30 to 59 years and found that 60% of men do not seek help for mental health concerns and prefer to 'deal with it' on their own. The HeadsUp campaign hosts a website packed with self help tools and suggestions on how to manage your mental wellbeing and it puts men in touch with people should they wish to talk to someone.

HeadsUp was designed as a digital campaign with some print to raise awareness and drive men online. Online adverts and printed resources help direct people to the HeadsUp website and the MOT designed to help men assess their current mental wellbeing. Depending on how a men answers, the MOT will direct men to online support tools and NHS services if needed.

The language used across the site is friendly and we have deliberately removed the word 'mental' from most of the copy as men told us in testing that they do not identify their feelings with the term 'mental health' and tend to stay clear of resources and messages using this word.

The website also contains a ‘support a man’ section where friends and family members of a man who may be feeling low can access support and advice on how they can help. In all areas we have launched this campaign, this section of the website has been popular.

We have distributed materials to pubs, clubs, gyms, barbers and outlets men visit on a regular basis in the town and this has helped to drive men to the website and raise awareness of the campaign. We designed scratch cards and beer mats to engage men, moving away from the traditional NHS leaflet that men told us they don't pick up. Other features on the website include a 'hide this screen' to allow men to click off the site quickly, videos, podcasts and stories from men who have experienced poor mental health and how they turned a negative into a positive.

Website Beer mat


What has been the impact?

It is still early days as the campaign only launched in May 2018. However, we are monitoring website traffic and the number of people taking a screening and in the first few weeks of launching in Milton Keynes (Bedfordshire will officially launch later in the year), thousands of people have visited the website.

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