Heads Up Campaign

A new mental health campaign to help men stay happy.

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The brief

A campaign to help men get happy and stay happy.

Buckinghamshire County Council asked us to design a campaign to help men get happy and stay happy. Research and local data told us that many men do not seek advice or support from professionals - or even friends and family - when they are feeling low, leading many to develop serious mental health issues or worse - end their life. Male suicide is a serious issue in the UK.

We conducted research with men aged 30 to 59 years and found that 60% of men do not seek help for mental health concerns and prefer to 'deal with it' on their own. Many seek out advice online first before discussing it with family or friends.

What did we do?

We created a campaign and online resource that helps men to identify and deal with issues that tend to crop up in life from time to time – such as feeling low, relationship problems, money troubles, sleeping issues and feelings of low worth and self esteem.

#HeadsUp was designed as a digital campaign with some print to support the digital launch. We utilised social media, created a bespoke website (www.thisisheadsup.org), partnered with organisations with a vested interest in men’s mental health, designed online adverts and printed resources to help direct people to the online website with screening and support tools.

The website also contains a ‘support a man’ section where friends and family members of a man who may be feeling low can access support and advice on how they can help.

The design of the site was carefully considered from start to finish – from the copywriting to the navigation. We carefully chose words that appeal to men – written in a language they understand. The screening tool incorporated clinical and evidence based algorithms.

Printed resources included mirror vinyl's in men's toilets, beer mats in pubs and adverts were placed in two towns identified as having higher numbers of 'at risk' men. A digital campaign was developed because many men told us during research that they would search for solutions to issues online. They felt embarrassed and weak to share emotions or ask for help and preferred to try and deal with the issue on their own.

We also created a downloadable PDF called 'How to Talk to Men', for concerned friends or family members who need help communicating effectively with a man who is feeling low.


What impact did we have?

The campaign really resonated with our target audience!

We reached 160,880 people in just under eight weeks. Over 800 men took an online screening in seven weeks – leading many to seek further support or access the online toolbox to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Leading organisations such as Men’s Health Forum shared our work increasing reach and engagement for the campaign. #HeadsUp featured on radio and in local press and many local authorities across the UK have expressed an interest in developing the campaign in their local area.

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