Raising confidence and self esteem in young women

We are helping young women to resist risky behaviour by increasing confidence and self esteem.

What we did


DreamBig is campaign to help girls in North Wales become confident, happy and healthy young women.

We developed a campaign to reduce the number of young girls who take up smoking and vaping in North Wales. More than 10% of girls aged 11-16 years smoke or vape - double the number of boys - and this figure is higher in some areas in the region. Unlike other 'anti-smoking campaigns' we focused our attention towards prevention and following research with girls aged 11-14 years we found that most young smokers lacked confidence to say no, had few or no aspirations and goals and a low self esteem. We felt it was important to try and raise aspirations, confidence and self esteem in order to reduce the likelihood of young women taking part in risky behaviour - including smoking.


What's the big idea?

This campaign supports the idea that if young women are happy, confident and thinking ambitiously, then they are less likely to engage in risky behaviour such as smoking. We know from research that girls who take part in activities and sport are also less likely to smoke so we have included sport and activities as a motivator and way to make new friends.

DreamBIG has evolved over the last six months and it now focuses more broadly on promoting positive health and wellbeing, and boosting the confidence of girls, by encouraging them to lead happy and healthy lives with high aspirations for their own futures. It is largely a digital campaign, utilising social media to engage with the target audience.

A website has been designed in co-creation with young women and is acting as a platform for girls to share their stories and blog about topics that are important to them. The content marketing strategy employs engaging tactics such as the use of video and graphics/ images. The website is supported by a growing Facebook and Instagram community.

Key campaign elements:

- We used input and insights from the girls on their interests and what inspires them, to inform and develop the design/evolution of the website

- We developed a product that could be owned by our target audience. This encouraged girls to contribute content for the website. The benefit of this is that it is peer led and working with them we were able to create blog posts that are meaningful, shareable and relevant.

For more information on the campaign, please see our campaign evaluation.

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The website

We developed a website in co-creation with girls aged 11-16 in North Wales, using their feedback to inform the design and content included on the website.

The website features advice on health and happiness, career case studies, a range of activities that they can take part in and also a page dedicated to their own thoughts and ideas in the form of a blog.

Dream Big Website
Our impact

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