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In Spring 2020, Social Change UK will be launching its first weekly podcast.

Tea with the changemakers.


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What to expect in 2020 - the Social Change UK predictions.

2020 is going to be a year that will see accelerated technological and social change. But not all is good. Here are the predictions. 

Marketing for change, not just for Christmas


2019: A year of green, red and blue

This column was written for CityX



Let’s go Southall physical activity intervention pilot.

The Let’s go Southall team at Ealing Council appointed Social Change UK as their evaluation partner for their local delivery physical activity pilot in Southall.

Insight to support and promote change at scale.

How can we change behaviour at scale? This was the question Buckinghamshire County Council wanted to answer when they signed up to Prevention at Scale. We were brought in at the scoping and research stage to help fill the research gaps and uncover some insight that might help to answer this important question. 

Police leadership insight workshops.

Uncovering insight to embed leadership behaviours across the police.

Surrey and Sussex Police asked Social Change UK to undertake research to uncover insights that would inform the launch of their Leadership Development Programme.

Your weekly podcast

Tea with the changemakers.


The Drum Social Purpose Awards winners 2019!

Social Change UK sees off leading international brands to claim the prestigious National Social Purpose award

Campaign of the year (not for profit)


We’re finalists for the Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019!

“We are beyond excited to be a finalist at this year’s Drum Social Purpose Awards alongside some of the biggest agencies and campaigns in the world.“I’m super proud of the team for all their award nominations this year and this just confirms to me that you don’t have to be a big agency with big budgets to create something special and reach millions of people with your message.” - Kelly Hunstone, Chief Executive

Encouraging men to open up and have a #ManChat.


NW Counselling asked us to design a campaign to encourage men to talk and ‘open up’ about their feelings and not ‘bottle up’ how they feel.

How to discover purpose and leave a legacy you (and others) can be proud of.

Autumn-Talk-How to compete with the Big Players

Autumn Talk - Is your marketing strategy working for you?

Autumn Talk-What’s next depends on what you know now

Marketing for health and social care

Talk to Us Campaign.

The JobCentre Plus in Middlesbrough was coming under fire for not empathizing with jobseekers with mental, emotional or complex needs. In a bid to turn around this perceived or actual view of JobCentre Plus, we were asked to work with residents to uncover their stories and find out what was creating such a strong view locally. 

Pegasus Occupational Health.

We worked with Pegasus Occupational Health to help them nudge employees to take individual actions that help improve personal health and wellbeing. 

Who drinks alcohol and why.

We worked with Public Health Wales to identify attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards alcohol.

PHE Skin Cancer.

We worked with NHS England and Public Health England to find out why many men don't protect their skin. 


Raising confidence and self esteem in young women in North Wales.

We launched a campaign in North Wales with the key aim of increasing confidence and self esteem in young women.

Police Visibility in Cambridgeshire.

We carried out research to understand the current level of public confidence in the police and the perceptions residents hold about police visibility in Cambridgeshire.

Business Lincolnshire

Supporting business growth across Greater Lincolnshire.

We are currently working with Lincolnshire County Council to promote their Business Growth Hub facility for small to medium sized businesses in Greater Lincolnshire.

We can help you deliver the NHS Long Term Plan

A promotional film for the future.

Hertfordshire Good Growth.

Promoting Good Growth.Good Growth is Hertfordshire’s plan to push the county forward in a variety of ways. From more jobs and homes to cleaner energy solutions and more efficient public transport - the goals are ambitious and exciting.

Increasing activity levels in older adults

Never Too Late campaign.

We worked with Hertfordshire County Council to create a campaign to support adults (aged 50+) to increase their physical activity levels.

Social Prescribing Research and Marketing Strategy.

Understanding and increasing social prescribing within GP settings.

Hertfordshire and West Essex STP asked Social Change UK to undertake research to inform the creation of a social marketing strategy and implementation plan for a campaign targeting GPs and GP Practices with the aim of increasing social prescribing rates.


10 simple ways you can cut down on plastic waste

91% of plastic isn't recycled, and everything you've ever owned will one day become waste. However, you can help us on the road to a plastic-free planet with our infographic, which lists 10 hassle-free ways you can cut your plastic usage down. Be a pal - share it now! (hint hint)

A campaign to recruit Governors for DCHS

Board of Governors Recruitment Campaign.

We worked with the NHS in Derbyshire to attract and recruit residents and NHS staff to the Derbyshire Community Healthcare NHS Trust Board of Governors.

Local stop smoking insight and campaign

Quit your way.

We worked with Middlesbrough Council to uncover local insight into smoking attitudes and behaviours and develop a campaign to inspire smokers to quit for good.

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub Evaluation.

Providing an evaluation service for the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub for SMEs in Greater Lincolnshire.

Exploring inactivity in older adults in Lincolnshire.

Understanding inactivity in older adults.

We worked with Active Lincolnshire to conduct research to understand the factors contributing to the high levels of physical inactivity in older adults (adults aged 55 and over) living in Lincolnshire.


10 easy steps to reducing your plastic waste

Only 9% of plastic is recycled, but you can help change that! We're working towards a world free of plastic waste, and you can too with our 10 simple steps to going plastic-free. 


No words: Dairy Milk removes text from packaging for sweetest reason

Cadbury's latest campaign with Age UK is using words, or rather, the lack of them, to raise awareness of loneliness amongst older people in the UK. But is it encouraging people to share their words as well as their chocolate?

The effects of air pollution

Fighting climate change is quickly becoming a major priority for everyone around the globe. Back in 2018, the World Health Organisation labelled air pollution a “public health emergency,” so our research team pulled together the most shocking statistics into a handy infographic for you. Now, getting the word out  about the impact air pollution is having on our environment is easier than ever!

Generating insights from research findings

You've done your research and uncovered your findings - what next? Looking beyond the facts and figures to generate insights is the key to creating impact, but it's not always an easy process. Although we love it when insights are staring us directly in the face, often more energy is needed for insights to fully form.

Fortunately, our expert guide breaks this process down into three simple steps, helping you to find actionable insights that will move your research forward. After all, insights are the first step towards behaviour true change - download the guide now to get started!

Autumn Talks

For us, evaluation is ongoing.

Evaluation and SROI.

If we can't measure the impact of our change programmes, what's the point?


We're the sort of people who build evaluation in from start to finish, learning and adapting for our clients as we go. We know how important real-time evaluation is - because it's knowing whether you are focusing your resources and budget in the right areas and achieving the outcomes you planned for.

Our team can help you determine the right things to measure, analyse and interpret data - in real time or at the end - and importantly they can help you measure impact.


  • Monthly monitoring and reporting
  • Social impact
  • Social return on investment
  • Programme evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Service review
  • ROI analysis
  • Campaign evaluation



Test Landing Page

The COM-B model of behaviour

Understanding what influences behaviour is key to making behaviour change possible. As behaviour change experts, we make it our business to know about the best behaviour models out there, so we can make the biggest impact possible with our campaigns.

In this guide, we focus on the COM-B model, which proposes 'Behaviour' is a result of 'Capability', 'Opportunity' and 'Motivation'. We explore the components to these determinants of behaviour and how this model can be utilised to make long-term behaviour change. In this guide we use the example of inactivity and how the use of the COM-B model could be used to increase active behaviour. Once applied, this model can be used to tackle even the toughest social issues.  


Generation Z and young Millennials: bringing an era of change

Young people are not drinking. They are turning their nose up to meat, gender definitions and Club 18-30. It's a huge cultural shift, and it's happening at record speed...

Cutting through the hype: the state of knife crime

From just a passing glance at the media headlines this year, you can't fail to notice the apparent increase in knife crime, particularly in London, and the accompanying sense of moral panic about the state of knife crime in the UK. In this blog, I'll examine whether this 'panic' is justified and explore what could be done differently to help address the issue. 

In the news: Rejecting cigarettes and junk food crackdown

We've taken a dive into the news over the past few weeks and picked out the juiciest news pieces that we think you should know about!


Who cares about chartered marketers?

This article was written for CityX and was published on their news platform on 16th August 2019. After sparking a heated debate on LinkedIn, Kelly, was asked to write a column on the value of chartered marketer status. This is her column. 

UK Agency Awards 2019 Finalists!

We’re so excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for an award at the UK Agency Awards 2019. The Your Sexual Health Matters Campaign, which made national headlines and onto TV screens across the country earlier this year, has now earned us a finalist slot in the Best Not-for-Profit Category at the prestigious national awards.

Public and Patient Involvement Assurance Group Recruitment 2019

New patient group invites members to join and play an important role in local healthcare

Thank you

to everyone who applied to join a new patient group and play an important role in local healthcare

Hertfordshire #JustTalk animation project.

We brought student animations to life and created amazing videos for young people. 

Best not for profit campaign

Helping to understand and tackle childhood obesity.

Insight to tackle childhood obesity.

We worked with Knowsley Council to uncover insight and help professionals and stakeholders understand what factors influence changes in weight in primary school children and the steps and system change needed to reverse childhood obesity. 

Video is a powerful tool and should be utilised in research where appropriate.

Why and how to use video in research

From facial expressions to body language, what non-verbal cues did you miss while you were putting pen to paper? We explore three circumstances where you should ditch the note-taking and capture your research subjects on film instead! Discover how video can improve your research in our expert guide. 


Childhood poverty in the UK: a tricky issue

Childhood poverty in the UK has been hitting the headlines again. But, this isn't the first time and it is certainly not a new talking point. Childhood poverty is regularly raised by key people and organisations working across the UK. So, why does it keep making headlines? In this blog we explore what the current state is, and why this issue is apparently so hard to address. 

Over time peoples attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community have changed for the better.

The change in attitudes towards LGBTQ+ communities.

As minds and laws change and understanding and education increases, we'll continue to dream, and work towards, creating a fully inclusive world where love - in all its forms - conquers all.

Download the timeline infographic to see how attitudes have changed towards the LGBTQ+ community over time!

Exciting times for the team at Social Change UK

We're excited to announce the move to our new city centre based office and the addition of three new colleagues to the Social Change UK Team. Our beautiful new location will enable us to grow our team further and offer some exciting opportunities to support other like minded entrepreneurs in the city.

Household Brands

British Red Cross

Welsh Government


Oxfordshire County Council

Middlesbrough Council

London Rugby League Foundation

Lincolnshire County Council

London Borough of Greenwich

Food Standards Agency

Department of Health


Lincolnshire Coop

Knowledge is power.

Designed with your goals in mind, our specialist courses in behavioural change marketing are built on the latest ideas and adapted to incorporate brilliant examples of how people in the real world have made a difference through their work.

In order to change the world, there are a few terms and conditions.

There are always T&C's. We've got a few pages i'm afraid. But they are important and in place to protect you and us and to help make positive change happen. So please download and read (over a cuppa) and then we can get cracking and do some really cool stuff together. 

In short, don't copy us.


This website and its content is copyright of Social Change Ltd. All rights reserved.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following:

  1. You may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non-commercial use only.
  2. You may copy the content to individual third parties for their personal use, but only if you acknowledge the website as the source of the material.

You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

Important legal stuff that we've tried to make short.


On this page you will find all the important legal stuff that we must tell you about, including privacy and how we protect your data. 

A space to learn, grow and do good.

Home of the changemakers.

From September 2019, we will be opening up space for social entrepreneurs to work. This will be a space to hot desk, have meetings and importantly, be around fellow changemakers.


Putting LGBT on the curriculum – it’s about time.

LGBT is on the curriculum from 2020. However, previous attempts at introducing LGBT education into schools has faced protests, with debates on whether it’s appropriate at such a young age. Is it here to stay this time? 

Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

St Mungo’s

NHS Commercial Solutions

Crown Commercial Service


Gender neutrality and what it means for future generations

More and more people are claiming their identity as theirs to decide and no one else. Male, Female or Neutral. But what does this mean for society? Are we heading towards a genderless world?


The anti-vax movement is back

Medical milestones are being reached every day, so why are Victorian diseases which we should have long eradicated suddenly making a comeback? 


Are we getting more depressed?

Recent data shows that the number of antidepressants prescribed in England has nearly doubled over the past ten years. Does this mean we, as a society, we are getting more depressed? Or are we just getting better at identifying mental health difficulties?


The rise of gambling in children

An increasing number of children are becoming problem gamblers, with reports suggesting the issue to be a ‘future public health storm’. In this blog, we explore the contributions of marketing in encouraging more and more children to engage in gambling.


Are we addicted to gaming?

Game-playing has become a part of our everyday lives, from spending five minutes on a smartphone app to spending hours on a computer game. Many of us have used one of the two for a bit longer than intended, but what happens when we lose the ability to say that enough is enough? Following the recognition of gaming addiction in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), we have to ask;

Are we really addicted to gaming?

Tech for Good


For You and Baby.


For You & Baby is a new campaign running in Derbyshire that aims to encourage families to quit smoking during pregnancy and consider breastfeeding after birth. 

Good & Kind

Managing Change

Best Social Marketing

Best Website Design

Best Public Sector Campaign

Communications Award of Excellence

Communicator of the Year

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