Tagged Rugby Campaign

We are working with the London Rugby League Foundation on a brand new marketing campaign.

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The brief

We are currently working with the London Rugby League Foundation on a marketing campaign for their brand new offer of Tagged, an intramural tag rugby league, for universities across London.

The London Rugby League Foundation are promoting a social offer for students to engage with, whilst also offering selected student ‘activators’ the opportunity to manage the individual leagues and gain valuable marketing and personal development skills, to enhance their employability following the completion of their degrees. Tagged will look to include a wide range of students, many of whom are not currently participating in physical activity. This offer will encourage students to become more active and take part in a social and friendly league, without the pressure of competitive matches.

Tagged website

We have worked in co-creation with university students, using focus groups to find out exactly what our target market would respond to in terms of branding and design and to hear their thoughts on the new social sport offer.

Using this feedback, we were able to gain an insight into what students look for when trying a new sport and also develop the brand into something the students would be attracted to.

Tagged will be marketed to students in selected universities throughout London and surrounding areas. The first of these leagues will be launched across 10 selected universities in September, following the development of a bespoke website which will be utilized and managed by each of the universities’ chosen activators.

Tagged poster Tagged roller banner

Brand Materials

For Tagged, we created a range of materials and resources, including roller banners and posters, as well as a bespoke website and even an animated video, demonstrating what Tagged is all about.

The video uses a retro gaming theme, to give it a unique yet relatable feel, which we felt would appeal to a wide range of target segments.

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